If you are one of those who enjoy the spaces where nature has recreated scenarios of breathtaking beauty, in Germany you have to choose and in this article I show you 5 national parks that are capable of captivating everyone who visits them.

Bavarian Forest National Park:

To start this list, I would like to mention the national park of the Bavarian Forest. It is known as the oldest national park in Germany being the first baptized under this name in the country.

It was founded on October 7, 1970 and its location is very close to the German border with the Czech Republic. It is, together with the Selva de Bohemia nature reserve, the continuous area of ​​the largest forests in Europe.

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Among the attractions that you can find in its territory is the highest mountain of the same, called Great Rachel. It has a height of around 1452 meters above sea level and gives the park one of the most spectacular landscapes you can observe in its surroundings.

There are many activities to do if you visit this site. Among them is one of the most interesting trails that are organized there, the so-called Watzlik-Hain. By walking it, hikers can appreciate the traces of the last virgin forests of the park where the protagonism has trees like beech, pine and fir trees that flood the place with great majesty. It also serves as a home for countless animal species such as lynx, wild boar, foxes, otters and deer that can also be observed in their habitat during tours.

If you like to practice sports there you will have the possibility to enjoy playing golf or skiing in the winter season. As well as you can swim in its natural pools or ride horses and explore idyllic trails. Here is the general information about ETIAS Visa.

All these activities and many others await you in this natural environment where you can also mix with the population that lives in its surroundings and enjoy an unparalleled visit to its picturesque villages.

Jasmund National Park:

This magnificent natural area was founded in 1990. It is considered the smallest park of its type in Germany, since it only has an area of ​​30 km² and is located exactly in the north of the island Rügen in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

In the territory it covers, there is the so-called ¨Hayedo de Jasmund¨, which was included in 2011 by UNESCO as part of the Primary Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Germany considered World Heritage Sites.

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When you visit it, you will have the opportunity to witness one of the most fascinating landscapes of nature, since the park combines spectacularly the vibrant green of the trees with the intense blue of the sea that can be seen from the steep slopes that form part of him.

In addition to delighting in this wonderful landscape, a visit to the Jasmund National Park offers you the opportunity to come into direct contact with plant species that can only be seen there or observe in their habitat animals that can rarely be seen elsewhere. like the sea eagle.

To make your visit much more entertaining the trails within the park can be traveled on foot or by bicycle. Guided excursions and other activities are also organized that offer the tourist the possibility of entering in every corner of the place with the help of his connoisseurs.

Hainich National Park:

Founded in 1997, the Hainich beech is also considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, since since 2011 it has become part of the primary Hayedos denomination of the Carpathians and Germany.

It has an extension of 75 km² in which nature can be appreciated in an almost wild state.

Inside the park you will find perfectly marked trails, which guide visitors through routes where you can see ancient trees and a fascinating fauna made up of more than 8600 species of animals.

Among the many activities that are organized on this site such as walking trails or bicycle tours, one of the most striking within the park is the route through the treetops. It consists of walkways that rise to 44 meters above the virgin area of ​​the place allowing visitors to appreciate its nature from another perspective.

Undoubtedly there you will discover a space that invites relaxation, surrounded by a favorable environment to get in direct contact with nature.

National Park of Berchtesgaden:

Located in the southern part of the state of Bavaria, close to Salzburg in Austria, this place of incomparable beauty was recognized by UNESCO as part of the “Berchtesgaden Biosphere Reserve” since 1990.

Of the parks of its type in Germany, this is the only alpine national park in the country, gathering in its 213.64 km² of impressive landscapes consisting of extraordinary mountains, peaceful lakes and lush forests.

It is presented as an ideal environment for hiking with alpine routes that are one of the attractions that arouse greater interest among lovers of this sport. There you can also perform other activities such as paragliding and mountaineering and in winter it becomes a popular destination for those who prefer the typical sports of this season.

Harz National Park:

To finish this list I would like to mention the Harz National Park. This wonderful work of art of nature is considered one of the most beautiful parks of its kind in Germany.

It has an extension of more than 150 km² that shelters from impressive mountains that rise more than 1,000 meters above sea level to animals like the lynx, extinct in the mountains of Harz since the beginning of the 19th century and that was rescued in this area thanks to repopulation projects that were carried out after 1999.

For those who come to this site willing to enjoy its benefits, you will find an ideal destination for hiking and mountain biking. In the same way, it is recognized as one of the most visited destinations by lovers of cross-country skiing.

The beauty and uniqueness of Germany’s national parks is admired and recognized throughout the world. Each of the sites mentioned above can be the perfect destination to enjoy a vacation in direct contact with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and where visitors are guaranteed to live one of the best experiences of their life.

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